". . . and the ghosts of plastic bags will walk the earth for centuries to come . . ."

This is my successful entry into the Royal Academy Summer Show 2019. 

I had heard that plastic bags take anywhere up to 1,000 years to decompose, and recently watched a bag floating around in the street looking like a little ghost. 

It got me thinking about how people are still afraid of imaginary dangers like ghosts, boogeymen, gods and others things like that.

People dedicate time to dealing with their fear of these irrational & imagined threats rather than dealing with ones we know to be demonstrably true. Perhaps the most worrying of the immediate real threats I could think of is us destroying our own habitat and leaving behind a planet full of carrier bags and plastic straws blown about by the wind of a now lifeless world.

This is all quite gloomy… so I gave him some cute little eyes to take the edge off..

Buy the print from the Royal Academy here! https://se.royalacademy.org.uk/2019/artworks/craig-keenan/852

In other news a very tallented friend of mine, Adrian F Ardelean made this short interview/doccummentary about me and my practices.

Go and check out his amazing work. http://www.adrianardelean.co.uk/studio-info

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