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Ghost tissue (PORTRAIT)

This scary little fella is the first piece I've made since we all entered into the latest episode of Black Mirror. A.k.a COVID19's grip on the planet, and ensuing forced isolation.


Having had the virus and been on lockdown at home for nearly 14 days, it came to me in a flash - well, a pile of tissues on the floor to be precise, that one of these spooky little tissues is far scarier than any ghost could be! Again with such a weighty topic as this - some of that frightening edge can be taken off  with cute little pair of eyes and a lonley sort of longing for a little bit of company. Poor little infected fella. Just wants some love!

These guys are going to be;

A limited, signed and numbered edition of 100. 

A4 (210x297mm) in size.

Your Choice of portrait or lanscape!

Ghost tissue (PORTRAIT)

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